We are leaders in Account Based Marketing across the Asia pacific region, but we didn’t create it, you did. ABM was originally created by IT Marketers because it is an ideal approach for what we do in this complex, transformational industry we call home. We know from experience that success can be shaped by building the right strategy into the heart of any program.

There are 3 simple but critical objectives of any ABM based activity:

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We help you identify and reach the right accounts

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We help you build relationships so you interact and influence from when a project is being conceived

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We help you engage with the right people in the decision making unit (DMU)

Rombii ABM Models

We have built 3 core models that provide the foundation for all our ABM campaigns. These have been moulded from the countless campaigns we have run over the past 2 years in this field and are carefully applied to ensure optimal relevancy to your unique requirements.

Rombii ABM framework

Our framework ensures you ask the right questions in planning and building the right kind of ABM program. It has 3 core stages containing a total of 9 critical components.




Select Accounts


Map Contacts


Conduct Insights Review


Build Asset Portfolio


Project Buyer Journey


Define Success Metrics





Implement Tactics


Measure Specific Outcomes


Review and Optimise


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