Meet Sam, he is our Managing Director and Founder

My favourite thing is being out on the water in the boat. I love my family, red wine and good food.. Lucky I married a Frenchy. The internet is my friend and I can’t get enough. Each and every day I wake up excited about talking to people about how we can help.



Meet Adrian, he is our Commercial Director

I’m an Irishman with an English accent living in Sydney with an Aussie wife. Go figure. I love being part of a team…both sports and business, and exploring new cultures and ways of life. Life is for living and having fun and I’m fortunate enough to be able to do that at home and at work. My moto is it’s not whether you get knocked down that’s important, just how quickly you get up.



Meet Nicola, our Administration / Finance Manager

Originally born and raised in Manchester UK, I am now settled and loving the Aussie life style. I am on my last exams to becoming a fully qualified accountant. In my spare time I enjoy camping and skiing and I do love a drink or two. I believe that the aim in life is to be happy.



Meet Rowan, he is our Campaign Executive

I am always keen for a good steak, medium rare with diane sauce. If I wasn’t such a terrible cook I would eat it everyday. I like to wash that down with a nice cold beer (and a few more on the weekends). But as much as I play hard, I like to work even harder. I think a job worth doing is worth doing well and I have ambitions others laugh at. Everyday I wake up and get paid to do what I love, not many people can say that.



Meet Fedrick, he is our Operations executive

I'm definitely a team oriented player and I love me some American sports especially the NBA and the NFL. The things that I enjoy the most out of life is seeing people smile and be the reason for it!

<strong>Andrew (Singapore)</strong>

Andrew (Singapore)

My names Andrew, and I’m your APAC Sales Director

Originally from Manchester in the UK, and now loving life in Asia. I live and breathe digital in my work, and I love to travel in my personal time. Huge sports fan, and of course have stuck to my routes and am an avid Man Utd supporter. Key to my work ethics are: Transparency, Consistency & Creativity.

<strong>Venna See</strong>

Venna See

Meet Venna See, she is our Client Services Manager

Born & raised in sunny Singapore, i had to make swimming my favourite past time hence enjoyment is being by or in the pool under the hot sun. Besides that, I spend a lot of time with my family & precious dog, sometimes even attempting to be a domestic goddess - which obviously isn’t that easy - Always love exploring new ideas or perspectives with people from all walks of life, so let’s have a chat!



Meet Anthony, he is our Partnerships Manager

I’m a bit of a sports nut and although approaching my mid 30’s, I’m still trying to figure out a way to crack the AFL (can’t see it happening). My next project is starting a band and playing at stadiums around the world (can’t see it happening). I spend most of my time on the Northern Beaches of Sydney where I love keeping fit, being outdoors and hanging out with friends (cliché much?). I am passionate about building relationships both socially and professionally and I love working with fun, passionate and inspirational people.



Meet Nicolas, he is our Partnerships Manager

Born and raised in France, I moved to sydney after Uni and have never left! In a nutshell, I’m passionate about digital, I love technology and I can live on cheese and wine…a little bit cliche but true! Personally, my greatest fear is missing out, so you’ll rarely see me say no and I always drag my friends along the way. My motto: Life is too short, make the most of it. My ultimate dream: moving to Africa.



Meet Tom, he is our Business Development Manager

A weekend day involves a big breaky + great coffee, some sport (AFL), a surf (unlikely to stand up but I’m trying), and catching up with my mates for good food and drink. On a work day I’m learning something new, talking to people we can make a difference for, and working with a team of great people who truly care about what they do. Between that I’ll squeeze in a few pats with Archie the office hound. He’s sitting at my feet as I type this.



Meet Allie, she is our Partnerships Manager

A born and bred Londoner, my hunger for adventure (and amazing food) brought me to Singapore fours years ago and I’ve not looked back. If I could, I would spend my life sailing around the beautiful waters of South East Asia, scuba diving, exploring, reading a good book, eating good food and drinking good wine. However, the Hyde to my Jekyll is fascinated with the world of tech and gets excited by an Excel spreadsheet...judge away…I won’t blame you. Luckily, here at Rombii I get the best of both worlds – working with creative, adventurous people who are passionate about pushing boundaries and making creative decisions based on solid data and intelligence.

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