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Tens of thousands of IT Pro’s across ANZ… all getting their jobs done in one place. Spiceworks is the first place people in the technology industry go to share and find info on all-things-IT… so much so that some products are now even built in Spiceworks!

Spiceworks is a free professional network of over 5 million IT pros who manage their networks while interacting with each other and tech brands as they’re deciding what to buy. IT pros trust the people, info and brands they meet in Spiceworks.

Products for tech marketers: Social, Research, Content Marketing, Demand Generation, Targeted Media.

IT Tele-marketing Solution

Rombii Tele is our conversational telemarketing solution, which delivers premium lead generation. Because of our unique conversation first approach, we continue to deliver quality and personal engagements, which are then supported by email.

We find this two-way exchange delivers engaged and warm leads, as opposed to an email, which is a cold and non-committal mechanism. Rombii Tele leads are much more likely to be responsive to the follow up call/email. We reach over 1 million qualified APAC organizations, with over 400,000 in ANZ.

B2B focused Audience Platform

The Rombii Audience Platform, RAP is a premium B2B programmatic solution, which uses data to identify individual users and then serve ads to that user across a white list of premium sites via a real-time auction.

RAP allows marketers to define and engage their target audience and sweet spots – merging B2B data such as job title, company size, industry, location, and served during business hours – Targeting 

exactly the right people, in the right place and at the right time. All campaigns are supported with full reporting and optimisation for best results and ROI. Re-messaging is also available.

The organic community

Delimiter is one of Australia’s most vibrant technology communities – a place where chief information officers, IT professionals, tech startup entrepreneurs, IT industry figures and policymakers come to interact organically online.

The site’s readers don’t just come, read articles and leave – they stay to make their opinion known and debate issues around enterprise IT, IT management, telecommunications and technology policy. The community is passionate about issues in Australia’s technology sector and discusses them endlessly. Delimiter also has a highly engaged social media presence.

Delimiter Editor + Publisher Renai LeMay is one of Australia’s best-known technology journalists and commentators, and one of the few to be part of the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery in Canberra, reporting on the intersection between Federal politics and technology policy.

Delimiter articles are very influential and are regularly quoted in Australia’s halls of power – from boardrooms and the offices of chief executives to the floors of Federal and State Parliaments and in the offices of Ministers.

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